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Species: Orientation Crew February 12, 2008

Posted by ecuisc in announcement, orientation.


You know Orientation is back in full throttle at ECU when you start seeing students adorned in bright colours looking all cheerful and friendly, usually accompanying other would-be students who look a lot more interesting with confused e


For all who are you new to Uni and are unsure about what you are to be doing to prepare for university, look out for the fast-paced

people in green to give you a hand. You can’t miss them. They’re everywhere.

As you’re reading this right now, Orientation Crew are currently helping out new students, by meeting them at the airports(even at un-righteous hours of the night ) and helping them check in temporary accommodations. On campus, crew will assist you during the entire enrolments process, show you where the best spots on campus are, help you find accommodation and join you for a trip to the city!

If you can’t live without a mobile phone, or need to open a bank account and are unsure of where to go, or how to get things done: ask the crew!

In short, got questions?

Ask the crew!

For more information on Orientation, check out their web page

To join the crew, say “hi” to ecuisc@ecu.edu.au

See you on campus!

PS: Pictures will be in 24 hours.



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