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Secretariat Elections: Candidate Statements April 9, 2008

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ECU International Students Council
Council General Election 2008


Nominated Position: President

Candidate #1: Marziya Mohammedali

Being a student representative of any kind is no mean feat. It requires understanding, patience and dedication. Having been a representative in various student bodies, I feel that I have been able to grow as a person, since I have had to work with students on various levels and develop these qualities.

My time, though, is not yet done; I still have a lot to learn, and a lot to give in return.

I feel that running for the position of President of ECUISC will give me an opportunity to help the students in a much better capacity than I have been doing in the past. I believe that the work I have done as the vice-president of ECUISC has given me the experience and insight needed to understand what international students really face. As an international student myself, I was aware of some of the difficulties but being a part of ECUISC allowed me to know more about what was going on.

I envision ECUISC as a student body that will cater to the needs of international students, providing them with not just welfare services but the chance to participate and belong. Through both welfare-oriented and fun events, we can inform, educate and enjoy our university time, and as the leader of a team dedicated to creating a better experience for international students I would love to see the students, the members of ECUISC benefiting fully from these experiences.

I am ready to work for all international students, as a representative, but more importantly, as someone they can turn to… as a friend.

Nominated Position: Vice President

Candidate #1: Ran Mo

My name is MO Ran (you can call me Avery, that’s my English name). This is my first semester at ECU. I’m a transfer student from China, majoring in International Business, and I will stay here for one and half year.

I’d like to apply for the position Vice-President of International Students Council. To me ISC is a special organization which closely connects all the international students who have different backgrounds and cultures at university, and making efforts to get them together to make a real collective which has multi-culture and diversity. Vice-President is perhaps the most public role within ISC. To run this position well, I think people need to be not only both leader and team player, but also organizer and spokesperson. What a great challenge! However, I’d like to try.

I’m an activist, interested in lots of things. I like to meet new people from different countries with different culture backgrounds. This is the main reason why I’d like to get involved in ISC. As I’m interested in individual trips, I have been to several countries (Egypt, Qatar, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.) alone before. These trips taught me how to communicate with different people. I feel sometimes the main communication barrier between people from different countries is not the language problem, but the way to communicate with each other. Therefore we need to have an interest and passion to learn the other cultures.

I studied at Nanjing University (Nanjing, China) from 2005 to 2007. And in 2006, I was the originatenator and organizer of an activity named Chinese Corner, which was for all the international students at university to get together to know each other’s culture well, and meanwhile to get more information about Chinese culture. This experience let me become more familiar with how to organize and publicize activities and events.

In addition, I think the basic and the most important aspect for an event, an activity, even an organization is creative idea. How to make things sound differently and more attractive? This is the question I always like to think about. For more concerns, ISC also needs it.

The above mentioned are my general situations and the reasons why I think the position Vice-President suit me. Although I have only staying here for nearly 40 days, I don’t think it will be the problem. I adapt the new situations quickly. And most important is I look forward to getting involved in ISC, and work for all the international students here. If I can take this position, I will make efforts for the culture diversity, and try to set up a good role to represent this organization. And also use my former experiences to work with the other members, trying to develop a creative and new way to let the ISC become more active. Thus, hopefully you can trust me, and give me a chance to get involved and run such a position. Many thanks for all the supports!

Candidate #2: Anne Birgit Johnsen

I wish to be a vice president because I believe dynamic work is the essence of all student politically related issues, and I have much prior experience to this, which is gonna make me capable of the job. If elected, my priorities will be student welfare, and to work as closely with the university as possible, in hope to make ISC the international equivalent to the guild, to represent my peers, make sure their problems are taken care of so they can direct their focus in full towards their study, and also make sure ISC will continue to fill ECU with the cool events ISC is known for (for example Multicultural week) and I hope my Norwegian origin will help spicing up the international community even further, since we from the northern hemisphere actually is a minority in ISC. Give me a chance and I might surprise you!

Candidate #3: Caine John Chennatt

Sometimes, certain things in life are over-rated : like frozen icecream on a winter morning and corn-flakes (when you ran out of milk ofcourse). And certainly somethings are still under-rated in terms of what they are, can be and will be.

Keeping this in mind, helps hold my passion for the International Students Council (ISC) at a steady high since the time I got invovled in some of the most pressing issues for international students.

Being an international student myself and having being involved with ISC and various other external bodies such as the Youth Affairs council, I see this as a journey, from my drive as Public Relations officer during ISC’s revival last May to now, running for Vice-President in an ISC that is developing exponentially.

I decided to take the step inorder to bring about a change in ISC.

Something good.
Something different.
Something that would see more of a social life at ECU. Something that would facilitate ISC to be more than just a referral service, but actually make a change in a students life. Welfare.
Something that would not just bridge the gap; but move the two islands of international students and local students closer to better understand each other.

Because we can.

Candidate #4: Rishikesh Joshi

Being an engineer in information technology, and making this huge shift to Sports Management was driven by my passion of sports and beginning a sports management company of my own! I have always been an independent and forthright person and gelled with all people at all levels almost instantly! Being a part of sporting commitees back in India has given me a certain experience in working with voluntary teams. It would be an absolute delight for me to be elected for the International students council as I am always inclined to improve things irrespective of how good they already are! Innovation and leisure is my love.. i dunno the reason behind it.. but anyway what does love know of reason?

Nominated Position: Public Relations Officer

Candidate #1: Caine John Chennatt

(No candidate statement attached)

To vote, simply email convenor@wa.nlc.edu.au with your preferred candidate for each position by 11:59 p.m on Wednesday, 9th April, 2008. Results will be announced at the ISC Keynote08 on 11th April.

It’s your voice, your choice. Remember to vote for your preferred candidates!



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