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Multicultural Week is BACK! May 28, 2008

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And this time its going to be a whole lot better!

Proposals invited:
International Students Council Board have decided to open up the organisational team to every student at ECU to increase professionalism of the event. If you have a plan in mind on how to run the MCW event, you and a friend could get-together, form a team, develop a strategy and submit your proposals to ISC for consideration.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get hands-on experience in organising and running events professionally, build your portfolio, or simply, get to be part of a great multicultural environment!

The Event:
Multicultural Week is an annual event organised all around Australia by the respective International Student Council equivalents at all universities. MCW aims to highlight the multicutural nature of Australia in its traditional week long string of events which usually take place during the first two weeks of October. In the past, ISC has collaborated with African Students Association to include the Cup of Nations Soccer Tournament with MCW as well. Visit http://ecumcw.wordpress.com for furthur information.

All proposals will be reviewed by the ISC Board and panel of judges consisting of industry body experts, previous event advisors and relevant ECU Staff.

The theme for this year’s Multicultural Week is “Home is…”
The theme is open to intepretation by the teams.
Go creative:
..but be realistic at the same time. MCW in the past have been run with budgets that rely heavily on acquiring sponsorship support. Proposals from teams must include:

  • Summary
  • Team stucture
  • The Event Concept – relevance to ISC
  • Key messages/objectives of the event
  • The estimated budget
  • Sponsorship strategy
  • Event timeline
  • Team recruitment process (state how you will recruit more members and volunteers for the crew)

Teams must read and accept the terms and conditions for submission of proposals.


  • Expressions of interest (state that you are interested in organising MCW) must be sent to ecuisc@ecu.edu.au by Friday June 20, 9pm.
  • Proposals must be submitted to ecuisc@ecu.edu.au no later than Friday June 27th 9pm.

View the terms and conditions here
For more information on ISC visit : https://ecuisc.wordpress.com
Multicultural Week 2007 Blog page: http://ecumcw.wordpress.com
Send an email to ecuisc@ecu.edu.au for more information if required.

International Students Council Board



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