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Board elections, 2009 October 20, 2008

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With the start of the new academic year, ECUISC is looking to expand its current team by holding elections for a new Board. We belive that this is a chance for anyone who is interested in getting involved with ISC’s activities to take a seat at the table and to let their ideas become a reality.

The positions available are:

Are you a leader? Have you got some good ideas and strategy? Big hopes for the future? Care about the International Student cause? Want to make sure your views are heard where it counts?

The President of ISC will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the society. He or she will be expected to act as ISC’s official representative on a number of boards and councils, including the Student Advisory Committee and the Guild Senate. The President will look after the various affairs of the council and will act as a chairperson at meetings. This position is an official Board position and will hold a vote at meetings.

Do you work well in administration? Are you interested in the many varied aspects of International Student life? Like to get out there and speak your mind on issues? Work with a team of like-minded individuals?

The Vice-President is one of the most varied roles within the secretariat. Think of the person who is involved in everything and you have the basic idea. That’s not to say it’s all hard work – there’s a fair bit of fun involved as well. The Vice-President assists the President with running the council and creating liaisons with other student bodies. It is perhaps the most public role within ISC, since you will be expected to get out there and say what ISC’s all about. This position is an official Board position and will hold a vote at meetings.

Are you and organisational fiend? Can you handle money well? Are you keen on making things run smoothly and you don’t run in fear from the word ‘documentation’?

The Secretary/Treasurer is a double role that deals mainly with the organisational aspects of ISC. You will be in charge of setting up the meetings and preparing agendas and reports for the council. All financial matters will fall under this role as well. Other responsibilities include the drawing up of budgets for council activities and dealing with reimbursements. This position is an official Board position and will hold a vote at meetings.

Events Manager:
Seen us at The Shed? Multicultural Week? How about at the Cup of Nations tournament? Do you want to organise and run a great event at ECU or in the community? Get some great events experience and find out how it all works behind the scenes? Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

The Events Manager will be in charge of all the events organised by ISC. Some of the basic tasks involve the design, organisation and overall running of events. For large-scale events, you will be expected to head a team that will look after every aspect of that particular event, e.g. logistics, sponsorship, media production etc. Some of the events ISC has organised in the past are the Welcome Party and the massive Multicultural Week, amongst others. This position is an official Board position and will hold a vote at the meetings.

Education and Welfare Officer:
You are an ECU enthusiast. Others may know that there’s room for improvement. But you *see* that room for improvement and are hoping to fill that void and make a change. You want to campaign for student rights and make sure we’re getting full access to what we deserve. You like to see education mixed with heaps of fun, and you don’t hate Uni. You know then that you’re ISC’s Education Officer.

The Education and Welfare Officer will come up with events/campaigns/programs that are student-oriented and deal with the very university issues that concern students (and not just social). The Education and Welfare Officer will work very closely with the Events Manager in developing events that benefit the wider ECU community. ISC is moving in the direction of getting closely involved with the University, the Guild and the community and hopes to be more than just a fun organisation. The Education Officer is an official ISC Board member position and will hold a vote at meetings.

Communications/Public Relations Officer:
Are you good with people? Willing to go out there and talk? You’re good with words and with making people listen. You’re also looking to forge new links with other organisations. You don’t think PR is stuffy and boring; rather, it’s what every organisation needs to make sure their public image shines. You think that communication is the key to
success, that’s why you’re the Communications & Public Relations Officer.

The individual in this particular position must be prepared to handle the tricky business of communication, whether it’s internal or external. Email is your second name. This position comes with the responsibility of putting ISC out there and making sure that everyone who needs information gets it. You will be working hand-in-hand with the other members of the secretariat to ensure all messages are heard, loud and clear. During events, you work with the Events Manager to get things going. On the way, you get to talk to all the really cool people as you’re the first point of contact. Other responsibilities include monitoring the ISC email account and commissioning media production. The Communications Officer is an official ISC Board member position and will hold a vote at meetings.

The criteria for nominees are:

• You need to be an international student enrolled at ECU for this and the next
semester (091 and 092)
• You need to have passion!

As you can see, we don’t ask for much, we simply want people who are willing to get involved. You *don’t* need to have much experience and you *don’t* need to be able to speak 86 languages!

Please note that all positions are voluntary. On average, we would require 1-5 hours of your time per week, and would hold meetings every fortnight, but everything is flexible.

To get involved, download our handy election guide and fill out the nomination form, write out a candidate statement of about 500 words and email it all to our returning officer, Snezhana Torgashev, at sectres@ecuguild.org.au . Any inquiries can be directed to us atecuisc@ecu.edu.au.

Nominations close Friday October 24th by 9 pm. Voting will take place during the period between October 27th and October 29th. Results will be formally released during the ISC AGM.




Friends of Nepal – event volunteering September 12, 2008

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Hi everyone, view the message below in regards to the volunteer opportunities available for the non-profit group Friends of Nepal. If you are interested you can contact Feli directly on felicia.singkang@gmail.com with “Cultural night reference” in the subject line. Thanks.

I am involve with an NGO called Friends of Nepal, if you look on my facebook group you will be able to find the group there. We are going to have our 2nd Annual Cultural Night on the 25th of October 2008 and we are looking for volunteers to help for the night. The volunteers will help out with the serving of the food and cleaning. So basically we are looking for volunteers for Waitstaff and also kitchen hands. We are looking for 15 volunteers for the night.

The volunteers will have a free meal (ticket price is $40.00) and a cert for all their help on the night. Transportation is not a problem. We will be able to pick the volunteers up and send them back after the night.

Let me know if you need more details or if anyone is interested in going to the night.

Thank you so much for your help.


Felicia Singkang

MSC Race this Saturday 30th August August 25, 2008

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Our friends at Malaysian Students Association are holding their annual MSC race. See below for details. Everybody invited:

As some of you would know, the Malaysian Student Committee is holding their awesome MSC Race again this year filled with new challenges, better prizes and delicious authentic Malaysian food! Now isn’t that something to make your mouth water and your competitive spirit to rev up?

For those who are new to the MSC Race concept, it follows the same game strategies of the Amazing Race with a very Malaysian twist! At the MSC race, groups compete against the clock to solve the many challenges offered which are linked to Malaysia and its melting pot of culture. This race also serves as a great opportunity to deepen your cultural knowledge of another country and to build rapport with Malaysian and international students.

So bring your winning attitude and your appetite and join in the fun which had everyone talking about last year!

MSC Race 2008
Date: 30th August 2008, Saturday
Time: 10.00 am
Venue: Assemble at Ron Stone Park *opposite the main entrance of ECU Mount Lawley*

RSVP by the 28th August 2008 to:

Anoushka: anoushka_2000@hotmail.com

Sherina: social_lil_sher@hotmail.com

Nisha: fleur_belle84@hotmail.com

We hope to see you there!

The Welcome party tonight! July 26, 2008

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An update on the welcome party tonight!

1)ECU peeps are meeting at Zone 2.
Walk in The Deen main entrance, head down the corridor and turn right. This space is undercover, so don’t worry about the rain!

The Deen is at Aberdeen street, Northbridge. You can catch the 886, 887 , 889 or 19 to head to perth and then walk down William Street and turn left into Aberdeen Street.

2) Get your ID, (18+, & ECU student card)

3) Dress smart – no ripped jeans, running sneakers etc!, The Deen’s dress policy applies

4) No empty stomachs! While the drinks prices have been reduced, you’re better off grabbing dinner before heading down to The Deen.

Give a call on 0431 229 479 if you’ve got any enquiries.

See you there!

See you there!


Safety campaign postponed July 25, 2008

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ISC & Guild event Take Back The Night for Mount Lawley campus has been postponed to August. Watch this space for more information that will be posted within the next few weeks.

ECU Board